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What is Predit

PREDIT is a programme of research, experimentation and innovation in land transport, started and implemented by the ministries in charge of research, transport, environment and industry, the ADEME and the ANVAR. By stimulating cooperation between public and private sector, this programme aims at encouraging the creation of transportation systems that would be economically and socially more effective, safer, more energysaving, and finally more respectful of Man and environmentally-friendly.

Third programme since 1990

  • PREDIT 1 (1990-1994) ) was mainly devoted to technological innovations in vehicles: TGV, automobile vehicles, light automatic underground trains. This first programme was granted 2.6 billion Francs (396.4 million Euros) in public funds.
  • PREDIT 2 (1996-2000) covered a noticeably wider field, considering the subjects concerned (involvement of Man and Society sciences, Life sciences…), but also the aims of the research (transport services organization, goods, harbour interfaces…). This second programme made about 1,400 research projects possible and received over 300 million Euros in public funds.
  • PREDIT 3 (2002-2006) was officially launched on 19th March 2002, after a draft agreement was signed by the four ministers and two agency directors who promoted the programme. PREDIT 3 will be marked by a specific effort put on goods transportation and energy and environment issues, greenhouse effect in particular, as well as a diversified research on safety. This third programme has been given about 300 million Euros in public funds.

Three main objectives federate the projects

PREDIT 3 is channelled by three general objectives:

  • To ensure the sustained mobility of people and goods,
  • To increase the safety of transportation systems,
  • To reduce environmental impacts and contribute to the fight against the greenhouse effect.

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